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Elementary Kink Meme!
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Hello everyone! With a lot of requests in the tag for one, as well as a few in the elementasquee tumblr ask box, I decided to make an Elementary Kink Meme here! You guys can private message me for more ideas to where we can extend this kink meme family or whatever.

This link here goes to the all-encompassing Sherlock Holmes meme. 
Fulfilled prompts go here.

  • Please don't do anything that breaks the law.
  • You can post anonymously if you want.
  • Tag/title any trigger alerts in the subject title, please.  
  • No kink shaming! Your kink may not be my kink, but that's ok!
  • You can prompt/request if you'd like, but try, in return, to write something for an unfilled prompt!
  • Don't be rude.
  • I will be very mad if I see Elementary bashing here.
Contact the elementasquee tumblr or the kink meme tumblr for any concerns. 
Mods' tumblrs: itshiddles, plathgirl, endquestionmark, relaxandjustpanic


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